All white on the (News)night**

I haven't got much to say about this or the BBC 'White' season in general. I know some bloggers are dismissive - and for good reasons, to be fair - but even if it is just a load of cock it does lead to debate of some sort and I happen to think that's not a bad thing.

John Gaunt (Ooooh, get ya crucifix out) actually spoke pretty well for most of the time and in particular when he challenged Wark to justify having the 'knuckle dragging' Nick Griffin on the show. I'll give him credit for speaking out.

Make sure you take note of the undisguised smirks on the faces of the supercilious New-Labour groupie, Kirsty Wark and that gruesome, patronising Hodge woman - especially when Bob Crow first speaks. Oooh, I say, a working class accent, how amusing. Arseholes!

**nods to Justin