Even bloggers have to wash

Walking past a shop in Aberdeen's Union Street this morning I noticed a huge pair of pants in the window with the slogan "FAIR TRIAL MY ARSE" on them and a poster outside alerting the public to the fate of Sami Mohy El Din Muhammed Al Hajj (Sami  A'-Haj).
Sami Al-Hajj, prisoner 345 at the United States Detainment Centre in Guantanamo Bay Cuba, has been on hunger strike since 7th January, 2007.

Sami was arrested in Pakistan in December 2001 whilst travelling with a legitimate visa to work in Afghanistan as a cameraman for Al Jazeera. But he is being held as an ‘enemy combatant’.
The shop was LUSH, which you may remember as Cosmetics To Go from a few years back, founded by ex- Body Shop suppliers Mark and Mo Constantine and now a world-wide chain of retail stores. They run charity campaigns in their shops and at the moment that charity is Reprieve, founded by the indefatigable humanitarian lawyer, Clive Stafford Smith. His book, 'Bad Men: Guantanamo Bay And The Secret Prisons', is also on sale in the shop.

I nipped in for more information and the two lovely ladies were very informative and helpful, offering to pose in their knickers for me. Well OK, they actually offered to put their 'Fair Trial My Arse' knickers on over their trousers. So here they are. Please check out the Reprieve website, make a donation, buy the book or some of LUSH's lovely products. Make bath-time fun! Come on you smelly bloggers, get scrubbing!

Does my bum look big in this?

No girls, really its the pants! Kate Moss would look gross with those horrors on.

The girls, Anna and Jenny, were great sports and a lot of fun. And I got a free sample as well. I may have to shower tonight! Sorry about the poor quality picture. I think the sight of young women in underwear must have given me the shakes :)