I'd do it all over again

I thought I'd pop over to see what Professor Geras had got up to on the anniversary of the war he so staunchly supported until quite recently when, even he had to admit that the numbers dying made it rather difficult to continue justifying the war on the basis that it was saving Iraqis from being killed by Saddam Hussein.  The old prof's bloglight has dimmed somewhat in the last couple of years. I hardly ever even see him linked to anymore and I don't read his blog but I did wonder if he would at least mention the war on his blog. He did.

A rate of death by state violence of 29,000 per year over the life of a regime that has been in power for more than three decades might be considered a powerful reason for favouring its overthrow, in the hope of a less murderous sequel. (It also explains why, in changing my mind about the Iraq war, I continued - and still continue - to think that I could not have opposed it.)