Write the feem toon, sing the feem toon #63

Obsolete: Oliver Kamm: nothing is too vile for me to try to justify.

Septicisle posts an excellent piece on that cretinous midget, Oliver Kamm's, 'rancid apologia for the rendition programme':
...a highly confused, contradictory piece which suggests Kamm himself doesn't really know what he thinks. He loathes torture, yet justifies a practice which has used it and will likely use it again. He is a huge believer in "the war on terror", yet turns a blind eye to the worst excesses of it, going so far as to defend the biggest insult there could be to the liberal values he so espouses, the one sitting on an island which has itself resisted the US for nearly half a century. Some might think this makes Kamm intellectually dishonest; rather, it's just Kamm doing what he's always done, saluting capital and the stars and stripes and ignoring anyone who tells him that everything isn't just fine and dandy.
Kamm, like Cohen, is an insignificant little man who compensates for his micro penis by portraying himself as 'muscular', as in 'muscular liberal'. He reminds me of the pathetic optician, Reinhart Schwimmer, who was a gangster groupie and hung out with the Bugs Moran gang in the 1920s only to find himself rounded up with the real bad guys and killed in the Valentine's Day Massacre. Now if we could only find an empty warehouse, four 'mechanics' and some Thompson machine guns. Ratatatatatataatat!