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The campaign that changed the eating habits of a nation

Boycott of battery chickens forces supermarkets to think ethically

Sales of factory-farmed chickens have slumped since a high-profile campaign raised awareness of the cruelty at the heart of the poultry industry and implored consumers to pay more to improve the animals' welfare.

In a victory for campaigners who have fought to expose the short and brutal lives of broiler birds, shoppers have bought millions more free-range and organic birds while leaving mass-produced chickens on the shelves. Sales of free-range poultry shot up by 35 per cent last month compared with January 2007, while sales of standard indoor birds fell by 7 per cent, according to a survey of 25,000 shoppers by the market research company TNS.
This is, of course, The Independent claiming some of the credit for 'changing the eating habits of a nation' and displaying an impressive graph to reinforce its claims. But further down the article are some real facts. Only 8% of chickens reared in the UK are 'free range'. That means that there are still 736,000,000 'standard' chickens being churned out yearly.

I think there is still some way to go before the Indie can substantiate its ludicrous claim, don't you?