Second Brain? I should get this one sorted out first!

Squarespace changed a few things around a while back and no longer keeps a tally of the posts on this site. I suspected I was around the 4,000 mark but there was no easy way to find out.

Earlier this evening I signed up to SecondBrain, a content aggregator which brings together user generated content from sites like Flickr, Blogger, YouTube and several others and shares it with others, in a similar way to how you can on Facebook, Myspace and other social networks. It looked quite interesting so I thought I'd try it out. I was able to import all my Squarespace posts and after completing the process SecondBrain informed me that it had imported a total of 4,123 items.
So, as yesterday was my fourth anniversary with Squarespace, I've averaged just under twenty posts a week since February 2004. Add on the 500 or so with my previous, defunct, blog host, Sparkpod, and you get about 4,650 posts since I started almost five years ago. Then add 1,500 Twitter updates, a few dozen Tumblr posts, a couple of hundred assorted comments, some scattered WP and Blogspot sites, about 12,000 bookmarks not to mention emails...!  Jeez, think of all the useful things I could have been doing during all that time :(

On the bright side, almost all of it will be available at one place fairly soon.