Wannabe scriptwriters take note

LA Observed Script Project
Presenting "Right of Way," LA Observed's first all-hands script project. "Right of Way" is a story about… well, we're not sure exactly what it's about, because it hasn't been written yet. That part's up to everyone here. All we know so far is it's a murder mystery taking place in a city in the process of re-making itself——yep, Los Angeles——and it'll be filled with glamour, drama, wit and big dreams, the stuff of life in Southern California.

Here's how it works. The first few pages are here, written by me. Each Wednesday we will publish new pages, written by you. They can be anywhere from a short scene of a page or so to a sequence of as many as five pages. You'll have until Sunday at midnight each week to submit the next installment to our crack team of experienced Hollywood writers, producers and story editors consisting of, well, me.

I'll read all submissions and choose one to carry the script forward, posting it along with the pre-existing pages. We may put up some other good submissions too, so you can see and have a chance to discuss how different writers would have handled the story.