That's more like it!

Our new broadband connection came online this afternoon. 22 Gigs Megs I mean! (Jeez 22 Gigs would be very nice indeed) (still) Not too shabby :) The ping needs working on though. A bit of tweaking is called for to try and get it under 50ms.

I expect it to settle down at around 14 megs which I'll be very happy with, especially as it's costing a fiver less than the previous supplier.

UPDATE: OK it's not going to stay at that speed. Bah! But at least I've recorded it for posterity. I'm getting between 13 and 15 megs consistently which is at least twice what I have been used to and the connection has been solid so far. It would be nice to have a couple of megs upload speed but that's a way off yet.