Mo(b) blogging?

Chicken Yoghurt: The values of nothing
Just look at them though, queuing up to have a pop at Rowan Williams. The ‘I’m not racist but’-ers and the ‘I am racist, and’-ers, the bandwagon jumpers and the vested-interests, the wilfully ignorant and the woefully ignorant, newspapers with no more care than tomorrow’s circulation, minority audience 24 hour news channels trying to outdo each other, radio phone-in shows and speak-your-brains comment boards entertaining the barely articulate and the barely literate, those who use political correctness as a stick to beat rather than words to sooth.

Then there’s the fools, tools and mules, bloggers, muggers and self-tuggers, demagogues, demi-demagogues and attack dogs, the has-beens, never-beens and wannabes, the purblind, unsound of mind and the axe to grind. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. How many, you have to wonder have read the speech or heard the interview? Or have a view of Sharia law beyond some vague imagining of hand-chopping and women-stoning?

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Justin has always been one of my favourite bloggers. It doesn't hurt that he can actually write! I did despair a while back that he might just say 'fuck it' and throw it all up (as others seemed to be doing or threatening) but then something happened down there in Brighton and Justin burst back on the scene with renewed vigour and enthusiasm. The result is the best UK political blog of the moment, achieving that elusive combination of quantity and quality and a unique, independent-minded view head and shoulders above most of the tedious, predictable stuff out there. Get the email alerts or follow him on Twitter or, at the very least, read the blog!