George Carlin: The End

Nine days before his death, George Carlin spoke to Psychology Today. Sadly, the two-hour interview would be his last.

George Carlin's Finale
On his modus operandi.

Do I try to make audiences think? No, that would be the kiss of death. But what I want them to know is that I'm thinking. It's part of that showoff and dropout syndrome. I need toshow them I've brought myself to a cleverer, smarter spot than theyhave. In doing so, I'm saying, "Can't you see this? Can't you see?"

On the joy of performing.

You get 2,500 people acting as a single organism. The audience is a single organism and it's you and it. To have that feeling of mastery up there —it's an assertion of power. "Here I am, I have the microphone, you came here for this express purpose." There's nothing like it.
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