Unbiased BBC?

I'm not the only one dismayed by the poor reporting from the BBC of the attack on Gaza. In this piece William Bowles analyses the coverage

William Bowles: No place to run, no place to hide
So much has been written about the Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip and by people with a far greater understanding of the reality of it than I, nevertheless I feel impelled to put pen to paper not only about our collective indifference to the wholesale slaughter being carried out in the name of the ‘chosen people’ but to the media’s ‘coverage’ that has been nothing short of scandalous and especially the BBC’s.
Read the whole thing then read his later piece: Agent of a Foreign Power
And just in case we still don’t get it, that it’s those damn Palestinians, the BBC continues:

“At the same time, Hamas is continuing to fire rockets into Israel, including some of its newer longer-range ones based on the old Soviet Grad, also known as the Katyusha. Such a rocket represents a significantly greater threat to Israel and Beersheba was hit (a school, though empty) on Wednesday morning.”

But no mention of the F-16s, Apache helicopter gunships, ‘bunker buster’ bombs, missiles and warships, not even in passing. Yet the BBC feels we need a detailed description of the range of the Palestinian’s home-made weapons and the fact that one actually hit something, an (empty) school.

The Israeli intention is clear and the BBC has delivered the message for them, the Palestinian people are to be slaughtered into submission to the Zionist/Fascist state. Nothing short of complete surrender to the Israeli state’s demands. And it’s our taxes that are funding BIBC (the British/Israeli Broadcasting Corp) as it peddles the Imperial line.