What a difference a year makes

Social Services chief's husband was drug-addicted violent terrorist
A Social Services chief who played a key role in the forcible adoption of three children is married to a convicted terrorist with a history of drink and drug abuse. She failed to tell Norfolk County Council about her husband’s violent past when she was appointed head of Social Services in 2002.

Lisa Christensen, director of children’s services in Norfolk, is the wife of Jack Prescott, who was given a 15-year prison sentence for involvement in a bomb attack on the home of a Tory Cabinet Minister.  Prescott, 64 – a self-confessed former heroin addict and thief – was a founder member of the Angry Brigade, Britain’s only home-grown urban terrorist group, which carried out 25 attacks on Government buildings, embassies and corporations.
Firstly, Lisa Christensen was under no obligation to mention her husband's past when she was appointed and Norfolk Council, just like every other council on the UK, is forbidden to ask any questions about an applicant's private life, marriage, childcare arrangements or financial situation for the very simple reason that it is none of their fucking business!

You can't win with the Daily Mail. Usually the criticism of people in Ms Christensen's position is that they are out of touch and don't know anything about 'real life'. Here we have a women who certainly has experienced 'real life' but ends up being vilified by the self-same paper because of it.

Predictably, of course, they bring up the Webster case (which was admittedly tragic) but, as usual, fail to point out that the social services department was acting on medical evidence and that all the decisions regarding the Webster children were made not by social workers but by...judges.

That was back in 2007, though,  when social workers were being criticized for removing children from parents on the basis of expert evidence of neglect or abuse whereas now, as we know all too well, the Daily Mail readers are complaining that not nearly enough children are being removed.

Just for the record, Lisa Christensen also happens to be a bloody good director.