Ooooh, big men!

Alex Hilton and Johanna Kaschke thoroughly deserve each other.

Dizzy Thinks: The strange going-ons in the Blog Libel War?

The latest from the German bint:
 Now all these big blokes support each other and I am a single woman, only 5 foot 2 tall and all those big strong men have to gang up on me. It's interesting.
And the response from the ex-LabourHome twat:
Due to the references to size and sex, I drew from this the inference that I might be violent to women or that I might gang up with other men in order to be violent towards women.

This is both personally distressing and it is a publication of an untrue inference that would damage my personal reputation. I would be grateful if you would edit this line in a manner so that no such inference can be reasonably drawn.
Jeez. How fucking pathetic.