Is Barack Obama America's Tony Blair?

Let's hope that Obama doesn't turn into America's Tony Blair...
The fresh-faced, forty-something leader, with his attractive young family, drank in the applause of his adoring audience, which carried on dancing into the early hours.

This had been a spectacular victory; he'd won big even in areas of the country which had never voted for his party before.

A washed-up, discredited government had been consigned to oblivion. His simple, compelling message of 'change' had helped him assemble an historic, all-conquering coalition - white, black, young, old, liberal, conservative.

It was a new dawn. His was a young country, whose time had come. Politics would never be the same again. Things can only get better.

But enough of Tony Blair. What about Barack Obama?
Yeah, sorry, it's Richard Littlejohn and this is an interesting piece so I'm linking to it.

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