Chuckie with the bound feet

Will Self: Prince Charles can’t have his say and his seven boiled eggs too
If, as Chuckie has said through his mouthpiece Jonathan Dimbleby, he wishes - like Irish presidents Mary McAleese and Mary Robinson - to have a public say on matters affecting the nation, then he should abdicate forthwith and like the two Marys stand for direct election by the people who so clearly long to hear his views.

I bet he won't, though - because then he couldn't have it all. I dunno, you would've thought a weekly audience with the prime minister of the day, plus meetings of the Privy Council, would be enough political influence for any not-terribly-bright sexagenarian toff, but it seems that Freud had it right, and not being loved enough as a child will turbo-charge a man unto the grave.

Personally, I hope the Prince does have it all and shoots his mouth off like a machine gun - it'll be his own unbound feet he'll be hitting, and as he keels over, so will the monarchy.