But I don't WANT you to like us. Bah!

Victor Davis Hanson is upset that we might stumble on peace one day.

Hanson is “a blood-and-guts classicist and one of Vice President Dick Cheney's favorite dinner guests". Oh dear! And "a 2007 recipient of the National Humanities Medal" (sic) Oh dear, oh dear!

He also has terrible dress sense as you can see.
Hanson maintains a blog called “Works and Days” on pajamasmedia.com. (natch -MrP) In an entry shortly after Obama’s presidential win, Hanson briefly praised the president-elect for waging an “often brilliant (if not shrewdly stealthy) campaign.”

Regarding the support Obama received from abroad, Hanson wrote, “why would we wish governments currently composed of radical Palestinians, Iranians, Venezuelans, North Koreans, Syrians, or Russians to like or admire us? While we would wish not to gratuitously excite their ire, their empathy toward us should make us worried not relieved.