The cuntfree (I mean country) life for me!

Homeowner prosecuted after staging protest at binmen who refused to take his recycling bin

I have a wry smile to myself now when I read about stroppy binmen.
I've no idea whether the cleansing operatives who trundle up the lane to my house would refuse to empty the bin if it wasn't close enough to the track or its lid was slightly ajar and, frankly, I don't give a toss. If I remember to wheel the bin out once a fortnight it will probably get emptied. Same goes for the once a month paper recycling collection. But it wouldn't bother me if they only turned up once a year. I've now got an incinerator, a compost heap and a waste-food digester so I can, quite legally, dispose of most of my rubbish on the premises.

Fact is, I recycle more now than I've ever done because it is easy to do. The local supermarkets have all got conveniently placed recycling bins and the household waste centre is just a few minutes drive away. Much easier than when I was in the city, where I had to carry the rubbish bags 200 yards to a roadside skip.

The other benefit of not living in the city is not having to pay to park our cars. Apart from the double garage I've got room for about six or seven more cars out front and it's all completely free. So, to the thousands of noisy, smelly, cars, trucks, buses and motorbikes that passed by my old house in Aberdeen I say - good riddance. And that goes double to the miserable traffic wardens too. Poop-poop!