Almost there

This new design is a radical departure for me, I usually like lots of white space and I've never used a dark background before but I liked what I saw in this design set, "Subtly Made", part of the new suite of templates from the magnificently upgraded Squarespace, produced by award-winning, Eastern-European design team "Every1Knows".

I've made a few tweaks to text colours and sizes and I'll see how it pans out over the next few weeks. I can always change it if I really decide it's not for me. It just seemed time for a change and what better way to signal that than a redesign? :) I'll probably keep it as a three column layout (I've still got sidebar content to add) and I'll make sure that it stays nice and clean-looking. I'm as bad as the next blogger for always trying to squeeze a little too much onto the page. Remember the old adage: "Less is More" (as I've always made a point of telling my sexual partners).

I'll almost certainly produce a graphic header to replace the title but I don't want to rush in and end up with something crappy. I might get something professionally done by a graphic artist. We'll see.