Fringe elements?

Festival is key terror target
One of Britain's most senior counter-terrorism officers has warned it is only a matter of time before Edinburgh is subjected to a devastating attack. Superintendent Brett Lovegrove said Scotland's capital would be an "extremely attractive" objective for terrorists – and said the Edinburgh International Festival, which last year attracted 380,000 visitors, was a prime target. Speaking at an anti-terrorism seminar in the capital, Mr Lovegrove, the head of counter-terrorism for the City of London Police, said: "Edinburgh is an extremely attractive proposition to terrorists, as it has many international businesses, an airport, sports stadiums and crowded streets. "In particular, the Festival ticks all the right boxes, so it's essential the public are made aware of the threat and what action should be taken.

"Like London and New York, it is also an iconic city which is flooded with tourists all year round. "Last year's Glasgow airport attack proved Scotland isn't immune to the threat of terrorism. Unfortunately, it isn't a case of 'if' there will be an attack on Edinburgh but 'when'." Mr Lovegrove went on: "Festivals by their nature can be a risk. Edinburgh also has the Tattoo. events at Edinburgh Castle, Hogmanay, and even this weekend there is major rugby match attracting upwards of 70,000 people. "It is important not to be complacent. Just because Edinburgh had not been attacked doesn't mean it won't be.

The Super went on to say: "However, I don't have specific intelligence that Edinburgh is going to be the next target."

Translation: I plucked this out of my arse because I'm speaking at a seminar in...erm, Edinburgh.