All in the family

Father of Philip Lawrence's killer on trial for murdering his ex-girlfriend
Chindamo, 55, is accused of ignoring a restraining order to stalk ex-lover Maria Elena Pedraza and stab her to death outside a Red Cross centre in a fit of jealousy after she ended their brief fling. Venezuelan Maria Elena died shortly after reaching hospital. She had been stabbed repeatedly on the steps of the building on the sunshine island of Gran Canaria in front of dozens of horrified passers-by.

The murder took place in May 2006 on the eve of her 44th birthday just a few weeks after she ended her relationship with Chindamo and reported him to police for threatening her. Chindamo, nicknamed the Acid Man after serving 15 years for throwing sulphuric acid over a former lover, was arrested shortly after her death after allegedly going on the run and hiding out in caves.
He had this to say about his son Learco Chindamo, who, at 15, murdered headteacher Philip Lawrence in 1995 and is seeking parole this spring:

"Everything important in life he learned from me. He looks up to me and respects me."

God help him.