$49 MacHeist - Last Few Days

Just three and a half days to go until the latest $49  Mac Heist Bundle closes shop.

So far over 22,000 bundles have been sold and almost a quarter of a million dollars raised for charity. In addition to the ten listed below (all now unlocked) MacHeist has also included the best dowload manager for Mac, Speed Download, as part of the deal. Two great Freeverse games, including Magic Tiki Mini Golf and the Apple Design Award runner up, WingNuts 2 have been added, bringing the $49 bundle value to over $400 and the deal to an unprecedented 90% off!  This is the second bundle I've bought and it's such a great deal it's hard to see any reason not to go for it, unless you don't use a Mac or you already have all the apps!

UPDATE: 21/01/2008

MacHeist are adding VectorDesigner to the bundle if they hit the $300,000 charity target (which looks very likely at this point). (UPDATE: 22/01 am -  they've done it and Vector Design is now unlocked!) This app alone is worth $70 and you'll get 11 others plus 2 games.
With the latest version of Adobe Illustrator costing $600, it's no surprise that the Mac community has been clamoring for a powerful, fast, and easy to use program for creating vector art that doesn't break the bank.

Say hello to VectorDesigner. Though relatively new, VectorDesigner features an impressive feature list, including Bezier lines, vector shapes, iSight, QuickLook, and scanner integration, and a conversion tool for turning non-vector images into vector.

In need of some photos? VectorDesigner not only integrates with your iPhoto library, but offers Flickr search as well. Instantly search for images on the popular photo sharing site by name or even color... a feature that must be seen to be believed.

Though only a few days old, VectorDesigner has already established itself as one of the best design apps in the market, winning Macworld's Best of Show award at this year's expo.

VectorDesigner will be unlocked for all past and future customers when we reach our goal of $300,000 raised for charities.