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Judah Folkman: "The father of antiangiogenesis*" dies.

He was shunned by his scientific peers and denied research funding for going against the 'consensus' and the received wisdom of the time (that tumours did not eventually need a fresh blood supply) and he had to turn to nasty old 'Big Pharma' to fund his research.

For much of the next two decades Folkman was treated as a pariah by his peers, who dismissed his theory outright. He was criticized whenever he announced a finding. To continue his unpopular research after all other funding sources dried up, he was forced to take a hefty sum—$23 million—from chemical company Monsanto. Convinced he was on the right track, he persevered in the face of adversity. By the mid-1990s the tide turned in his favor when researchers in his lab discovered that two natural proteins, angiostatin and endostatin, could effectively block angiogenesis.
*Antiangiogenesis - Prevention of the growth of new blood vessels