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New Statesman - Citizen's advice

There is a growing excitement... around the idea of a "super-blog", first mooted by Sunny Hundal of Pickled Politics

As Brown prepares for his first conference as leader, he has every reason to be optimistic. The polls are largely good (even if the "bounce" appears to be weakening) and his party is united behind him. And, more importantly, the left is brimming with new thinking for the first time in years. There are already signs that a political coalition is developing around Brown far wider than anything Blair could have imagined. Even in the anarchy of cyberspace, progressive bloggers are beginning to coalesce around a left-liberal consensus beyond the divisions caused by the Iraq War. There is a growing excitement, for instance, around the idea of a "super-blog", first mooted by Sunny Hundal of the Asian website Pickled Politics, to promote ideas that will help keep the Tories out of power at the next election.
Via PP

Maybe Martin Bright is easily excitable. He claims 'there are signs that a new politics is beginning to emerge' but where exactly? Brown was central to the New Labour agenda and is more authoritarian in his makeup than Blair could ever be. Superblogs and Super New Improved Politics coming soon?

Don't hold your breath.