Hatchet job

Gerry and Kate McCann we know you killed Madeleine we just don't know how

More poisonous and libellous outpourings from that cretinous little killer, John Hirst and his pathetic followers.

The McCanns must be guilty because they have hired a top lawyer!

'I question why someone who is only a so-called witness in the case would need a lawyer?' asks the great legal brain.

Well, I think if I was a 'witness' under Portugese law and was subjected to 11 hours of interrogation I would rather like to have the services of a 'top lawyer' too. Perhaps, when this is all over, the McCanns might decide to sue the likes of Chopper Hirst. Who knows, if it happens The Axeman might feel the need to hire a lawyer himself, which would surely prove his guilt, no?



Kate McCann has been formally declared a suspect by the Keystone Portuguese cops. Not, in itself, particularly significant but given the clear incompetence of these goons a tad worrying. There are now two formal suspects completely unrelated to each other. Where are the results from the 'blood' found in the bedroom, or the stranger 's DNA found in the apartment?

The Portuguese police are under a huge media spotlight and desperate to come up with something, anything. That is never a recipe for good investigation or good justice. Meanwhile, It's almost certain that poor Madelaine McCann's remains are rotting away in some remote area of Portugal.