Got Dang It! I knew we should've lynched him

Despite DNA Test, Prosecutor Is Retrying Case

Sentenced to death for the rape and murder of a 3 year old girl, Kennedy Brewer spent 15 in prison before DNA tests proved that the semen recovered from the child's body was not his. This should have meant that Brewer would be released a free man but they see things a little differently in Mississippi. He has been released on bail pending a retrial.

Virtually no effort has been made to find the man who raped the girl, Christine Jackson, and dumped her body in a creek in Noxubee County, one of the most rural in the state.

This is the first time prosecutors have sought a new capital murder trial after a conviction was overturned by DNA evidence...prosecutors are not convinced of the innocence of Mr. Brewer, a black laborer who is mildly retarded. Forrest Allgood, the district attorney who first tried the case, said his theory then was that Mr. Brewer, who was the boyfriend of the victim’s mother, acted alone. At the trial, Mr. Allgood argued that the couple’s bedroom was “the killing field,” although traces of human blood found there were so small that they could not be tested.

His view has changed.

“I perceive (sic) that Kennedy Brewer assisted someone else in the killing of the child,” Mr. Allgood said. “Whether he actually penetrated that child or not functionally doesn’t make any difference if he was aiding, assisting and encouraging in her death.” Mr. Allgood declined to offer a new theory of what occurred the night Christine disappeared, saying only that Mr. Brewer was the baby sitter that evening and that there was no sign of forced entry at the house.
Having built the original case on the premise that Brewer, acting alone, raped and murdered the girl the prosecutor, some 15 years later PERCEIVES that there was someone else involved. I bet Allgood played to the jury in his final speech, graphically describing how this big, ignorant, nigga forced his big, black cock into this sweet, innocent little child ( I can hear the drawl as I type). Now, apparently due to Mr Allgood's newly acquired clairvoyant powers, he sees a completely different scenario but one where Mississippi will still get to strap Brewer to a gurney and execute him.