The move from BT to ADSL24 went absolutely smoothly. There was a moment when I felt anxious as I checked our sync speed to see that it had dropped by over two megs but we quickly discovered the problem was a missing filter on some equipment downstairs. The line is now humming along at a sync speed of 8.1 megs and we should be getting the maximum throughput rate of 7.2 megs within the next 48 hours.

It's 10pm and I'm getting four times the speed I got from BT at this time of the day.  And we are not running at max yet!  What I really like is the upload speed of over 760 kbps.  And the super-fast ping at around 35 ms is good news for gaming. So far I'm pretty pleased with the move.

If you're tired of slowdowns, traffic throttling, port blocking or capping during peak times by BT and the other big boys  take my advice and move. Check the forums and decide on a new ISP for yourself or (in the UK) give ADSL24 a try.