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The Sun Online - News: The job's done for Our Boys
British troops took the first steps towards handing power back to the Iraqis last night — feeling proud of a job well done...Brigadier James Bashall told The Sun: “It is entirely unfair and untrue to say Basra has been lost, or that the British Army has been defeated here. “There is no crisis here, and there is very little gangland violence. Ninety per cent of the violence in Basra is directed by militias against us.

So, they're not fighting each other in Basra just the British troops and they have turned Basra into the most dangerous posting for British troops anywhere, including Afghanistan, and now the troops have left Basra under cover of darkness in the most heavily fortified British armoured column ever seen there , and this in spite of the fact that the Mehdi Army has instituted a ceasefire. But this is not a defeat, on the contrary, it's a 'job well done'. Jeeeeeez.