Mirror and Back-Up

One thing I noticed about the take down by Fasthosts (see below) is that Craig Murray thinks he may have lost most of his content. I would have thought that Fasthosts would be  obliged to give users an opportunity to save their files before the final switch off but it seems not.

All my content on Squarespace is regularly saved in a MovableType-compatible format and sits safely on my external hard drive. If I were particularly concerned to keep my content available online I could also easily mirror to another site or bookmark to something like Del.icio.us.

There has also been a flurry of comment on libel law and on the question of US versus UK servers. The situation, as I understand it is this: US web hosting companies are not considered publishers or authors of the material hosted on their servers and cannot, therefore be sued in the US or anywhere else because of material uploaded by their customers .  However a  blogger, posting from the UK or anywhere else could be held liable in a British court for any content uploaded to any server wherever it is located. So if, like me, you use US based servers you are unlikely to get taken down in the manner of Fasthosts but you could get a libel writ landing on your mat. Although, it has to be said that up to now it's been the threat of legal action, whether from Paul Staines or the Uzbek Lumbertubs, that has done the trick rather than any courtroom decision.