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TechCrunch: The End Of The Pay For Content Model Is Nigh
Yesterday the New York Times announced that as of midnight tonight (US EST, 19 Sep) the New York Times pay to view Select Service is no more. All content previously offered under the paid service is now immediately available for all to view.

Most importantly: this is a win for all of us. The notion of paying to access content is flawed in a connected online world where virtually everything is free, particularly content. Companies such as the NY Times can make money from providing content for free. The fall of the model for all publications is nigh.
Murdoch, who is in the process of buying the Wall Street Journal’s parent company Dow Jones, says that he will probably make WSJ content free. This is something he’s already mentioned in the past, but was re-addressed in light of the official announcement made by the New York Times yesterday, which has removed subscription fees for its TimesSelect and other premium services.