Chase me! Chase me!

Our local bobbies are killing more British citizens than the Iraqi insurgents and home -grown terrorists combined.

 'Needless risks' in police chases
Some police officers are taking unnecessary risks in high-speed chases, a watchdog has warned. The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) said there were no consistent rules for criminal pursuits and called for compulsory guidelines. The Association of Chief Police Officers has responded by announcing a review of its existing guidelines, which are currently advisory. About 40 deaths related to police pursuits occur a year, the IPCC says.
Think about it! That's 40 Charles Menezes a year. And for what? Having watched police chases on the TV it seems that most of them are pursuits of 17 year olds in nicked Astras. What is it about stolen cars that excites the police so much? If someone nicked my TV (worth a lot more than the average stolen Astra) I'd be lucky to get more than a crime number for my insurance company from my local coppers.