They're the pits

Grandmother of child killed by pit bull cleared

What was the point of this prosecution? The dog was owned by the child's drug dealer uncle, for whom it was a security accessory. Owning a pit bull terrier is illegal isn't it? The child was often left with her grandmother, even though her parents did not appear to work (unless you call drug dealing work) and the dog was often around. And it was no secret than granny smoked ten joints a day plus booze plus prescription drugs. So who was responsible for this child's death?

Will no social worker do the decent thing and step forward? Ha!

The way this child died was horrendous but had she died after swallowing a wrap of cocaine or a bag of smack or found a loaded gun and shot herself we would all have shrugged and thought...drug dealers...occupational hazard.

PS: Perhaps granny's picture could be used in an anti-drugs/drink campaign. She's only 45!