Comment is free: Backing the bombers

The appalling Michael White on the even more appalling Martin (sorry, make that Marty) Amis. Unbelievable crap. And the MSM moan about bloggers! These twats are getting paid to write this tosh.
Martin Amis...in a new polemic published today. asks provocatively, why do so many westerners on the left - "liberal relativists" he calls them - find themselves on the same side of the line as Osama bin Laden when asked to choose between the al-Qaida leader and George Bush? Or, as Marty puts it in the Times, on the side of appeasing "an armed doctrine that is racist, misogynist, homophobic, totalitarian, inquisitorial, imperialist and genocidal".
What supporters? Who are they? Not a single name, link or reference in the White article or, indeed in the original Amis piece, apart from a vague reference to the 'handclappers of Question Time'. As the commenter 'carlweathers' says: Mummy look! it's an enormous straw man!

This is the problem with failed novelists, they have to write something and, like Rushdie and Hitchens, also being US residents, it pays to be nice to your landlord.