Love's Farewell

With a houseful of guests things are a little hectic here so I'm having a couple of days away from t'internet to complete some jobs that need doing. There's not much happening out there anyway, a lot of bloggers are complaining of running out of steam and half the sites on my newsreader are showing up as 'no items'.

I'll leave you with this clip, the final segment, from 'Malcolm and Barbara: Love's Farewell' shown earlier this evening on ITV. Moving, harrowing and disturbing but ultimately uplifting as a testament to deep, abiding love.
(This was an) update on Paul Watson's 1999 documentary Malcolm and Barbara: A Love Story, about Barbara Pointon's struggle to cope with her husband Malcolm's Alzheimer's disease, which developed when he was only 51. Four years in the making, the film provided a poignant depiction of courage against the odds. This new film follows the couple in the years since, and reveals how Malcolm's condition eventually led to his death in February
Google the title and all you'll find are stories about the 'controversy' of Malcolm's 'faked' death. Stirred up by The Daily Mail (natch) it grew to completely overshadow the real story of the film- the plight of carers, the lack of resources, the skewed priorities and the frightening prospect that this dreadful disease may become the scourge of the 21st century.