A nice day for it

Stuck in front of the computer reading blogs and online news all day you can be forgiven for believing that all is just shootings, stabbings and war out there.  Today was glorious up here in the north east of Scotland, with the temperature hitting 25 C this afternoon, so we decided to head up north on the coastal route and stop off at a few beaches and nature reserves.

It's only the humble North Sea but it looked wonderful today and the beaches were almost deserted. We had our packed lunch perched on a clifftop overlooking a bird sanctuary. Clear blue sky, a cooling breeze softening the effect of the hot sun, seagulls hovering on the air currents, why, you could almost forget all the nasty things going on in the world, for a short while, at least. It convinced me of one thing. While the good weather lasts we are going to take every opportunity to enjoy this wonderful, beautiful countryside.

Bugger Blogging!