So what?

Lawrence killer to remain in UK
The man who knifed head teacher Philip Lawrence to death has been allowed to stay in the UK after winning an appeal against deportation. Learco Chindamo, 26, is serving a life sentence for killing Mr Lawrence outside his London school in 1995. Chindamo's lawyers argued that deporting him to Italy, where he was born, would breach his human rights. Mr Lawrence's widow said she was "unutterably depressed" by the ruling, adding, "I feel I can't survive this".
Had Chindamo been born in the UK (as most murderers convicted in British courts are) the question of his deportation would never have arisen and Mrs Lawrence, for whom I have tremendous sympathy, would have had to come to terms with the release of her husband's killer onto the streets, just as the families of almost every other murder victim have to come to terms under similar circumstances.

And, of course, we have the 'life must mean life' cry -Alan Gordon, vice-chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales said: "The fact that he may be paroled and back on our the streets as early as next year is in itself disgusting. Life should mean life."  Life has never meant life, even in the days of hanging, when a killer who's death sentence had been commuted could expect to serve, on average, LESS time in prison than nowadays.

This is just a bit of racism. Chindamo is a darkie dago and therefore should be 'sent back'.