Builder carries out home conversion
Building boss Howard Shelley carried out the ultimate DIY conversion — by castrating himself so he could become a woman. The 42-year-old dad of two decided on the drastic move after being told he would have to wait at least two years for a sex change on the NHS. He found a website which gave a step-by-step guide to the eye-watering home surgery, then waited till wife Janet went out before setting to work with a kitchen knife in the loo.

With the job done, he wrapped his severed appendages in a cloth and dropped them in the bin. Then he drove five miles to his local GP, explained what he’d done, and was packed off for treatment at the Stoke Mandeville Hospital, near Aylesbury, Bucks. Amazingly, three days later he was back at his desk. Howard, who wants to be known as Holli, said: “It was very painful, but the moment I cut them off I felt all woman.