You couldn't make it up

Look who's coming to the 'rescue' of British Jews -

Richard Fucking Littlejohn! 
(Tonight, C4, 8pm)

I'm not sure if this pudding-faced, racist, homophobe's concern about anti-Semitism extends to Jews who happen to be gay as well, or African, we'll have to watch and see.

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And Johann Hari's excellent piece:
In one of his semi-literate columns this week, Dick Littlejohn says – yet again – that the left loves to “smear” him as racist, homophobic, sexist etc...spare us your lying bullshit about these facts being “a smear”, when you are happy to smear the victims of genocide as irrelevant tribal morons, smear gay people as closet paedophiles, and smear the supporters of gay equality as insane obsessives.