Pipe down

Suicide Reversal? Polling the Muslim world - Daniel Pipes
Muslims appear growingly (sic) aware that the terroristic ways of Osama bin Laden offer a less successful path to realizing the Islamist goals of imposing the Shari'a and creating a caliphate do (sic) than the political, lawful ways of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Turkey's newly-triumphantly reelected prime minister. Whereas terrorism stimulates its own antibodies and offers no plausible path to power, working through the system is proving successful in such diverse places as Egypt, the Palestinian Authority, Lebanon, Iraq, and Bangladesh, as well as in the West. Therefore, this survey has more subtle and ambiguous implications than first appear.
At last, its clear that the 'war on terror' will continue even when the terror ceases because, of course, it's actually a war on Muslims as Daniel Sewerpipes so clearly explains in this piece.