Tell 'em George!

Galloway expelled from Commons after clash with Speaker
"Being lectured by the current House of Commons on the question of the funding of political campaigns is like being accused of having bad taste by Donald Trump, like being accused of slouching by the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

This House stands in utter ill repute on the question of the funding of political campaigns.

None of the parties here, and all three of them are culpable, ever asked the millionaires and billionaires who gave them and lent them money where they got the money from."


Gordon Brown today urged all parties to work to together to reform the system of political funding.

Nobody has been suspended or arrested.

The debate transcript is HERE. Galloway was only on his feet for 75 minutes before being named and suspended by the Speaker. Read the account and witness parliament in all its glory! Jeez.  Honourable members indeed!