Blah Blah, Hitler; Blah Blah, Blitz; Blah Blah, A nice cup of tea and an arrowroot biscuit...

Sun Says: We stand firm
When Gordon Brown says “we will not yield”, it’s not empty rhetoric. It’s a firm prediction based on our nation’s history and character.

Hitler’s Blitz merely hardened our resolve against the Nazis. Two decades of IRA atrocities similarly failed to dent London’s spirit.

The brainwashed Islamist fanatics who have chosen mass murder as a way of life are beyond reason, of course. But they should know the futility of their acts.

Gordon Brown urges the British public to go on “living their lives as normal”. Thanks, Gordo. You've brought me up sharp. I was just thinking of clearing out the Anderson shelter and moving the family in with six months supply of dried egg and Everton mints. Fuck me!

I'm sick of hearing how these attacks are designed to change our cherished way of life forever. I've lived long enough to see dramatic changes in our way of life and none of them were down to terrorists. Our way of life is under greater threat from our government (and rabid cheerleaders like Melanie Phillips) than from these (largely inept) attempts at urban terror.