Pubic hairs - $200 each!

Selling her pubic hair for one million dollars!

The idea is simple; for each of my pubic hairs that your purchase you can also place a 10 x 10 pixel advertisement on the homepage of, with a short accompanying description & direct link to your website.

Due to the unusual nature of my project I am hoping there will be a large amount of interest in Therefore, your logo and link to your website will be visible to the volume of visitors to this site.

There is no limit to the number of my hairs you can buy, and therefore blocks of 10 x 10 pixels you can select.

Upon checkout you will also have the option of whether or not you wish to receive my pubic hair in the post, as well as your advertisement. I hope that as many people as possible choose to receive my hair, but if you would prefer to just place your advert then that is fine too!

Via b3ta