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Not a track from my transfer pile. This was on vinyl and not in a state to record onto MP3 so I downloaded from the iTunes store at full price!

Leon Russell -

"The Master of Space and Time," is a music legend and perhaps the most accomplished and versatile musician in the history of rock 'n roll.

In his distinguished and unique 50 year career, he has played on, arranged, written and/or produced some of the best records in popular music.

He's still touring like mad at 65 but I prefer his earlier stuff like this great track, Hummingbird off his wonderful 1970 eponymous album

Almost missed it. This is post number 3,000 since I've been here on Squarespace. That works out at about 2.5 posts a day. Feels like more! There were a few hundred prior to these at the now defunct Sparkpod but most of them have disappeared into the ether. Probably just as well.