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LENIN'S TOMB: Latest attack on Galloway: dying before the newsprint cools.

The latest desperate attempt to smear George Galloway (for the third? time) ordered by Lord Goldsmith (what, the Lord Goldsmith who is up to his eyeballs in shit? - oh yes, it is he) over the Mariam Appeal looks like falling on its arse:
The 150th British soldier died in Iraq yesterday, in a war undertaken by a government that is up to its neck in scandal and corruption. It has, from the outset, sought to vilify the antiwar movement, usually by slandering its most vocal spokespeople. As is reasonably well-known, several phoney documents have been leaked to smear Galloway: he has received more money in libel compensation than the Mariam Appeal ever received from Fawaz Zureikat. One such concocted document was presented as part of the evidence provided by Norm Coleman and Carl Levin in the failed Senate hearings. At that hearing, too, a number of 'confidential' sources and claims emanating from individuals held in secret US captivity (where they apply miniature shock and awe tactics to extract implausible confessions) were presented. I doubt that this story will have much traction, but it is interesting to observe an unpopular, weak and nasty government on its last legs desperately seeking a patsy.

The comments are well worth a read. it's not often DSquared gets a smacking but he doesn't come out of these proceedings well at all. 'No smoke without fire'. Jeeezus!