Forza 2 released!

Up at first light to await the release of the fantastic XBox 360 racing simulation game Forza 2 Motorsport. Not for me, for my youngest son. With a trade-in it was just £9.99 at Blockbuster (normal price £39.99) so it was a real bargain. Game were only offering a £14 trade-in for the old game so it was a no-brainer really.

Together with the Microsoft Racing Wheel, with dual Rumble motors and powerful Force Feedback it's a bloody realistic driving experience.
We don't have the set-up that this guy has but with an Infocus X2 projector and Da-lite 84 inch screen our little set-up is pretty cool. I watch my son playing on this game and then ponder the views of all those old farts who prattle on about how much better it was for kids way back when.

Of course, back in the fifties I would have completely rejected a game like this in favour of my very own trusty playthings. A pointy stick, a worn tennis ball and half a dozen old Dinky cars. Yeah, right!


That's all very well, but are they using their imagination? I mean, when I was young I read Lord of the Rings and I can tell you blah blah blah......(sound of gunshot).