Crazies and lucky shoes

I’m more likely to be assassinated here than in Baghdad, says Blair

Tony Blair believes that he has been in greater danger of assassination on the streets of Britain than in Iraq.

In a surprise insight during a series of lengthy interviews with The Times Mr Blair, when asked why he had not worn body armour during a recent visit to Baghdad, said: “It’s far more likely I’ll shake hands with a group of kids today and somebody does something crazy than on a day in Iraq.

Blair has revealed the secret of his success at PMQ.
Lucky shoes

The secret of Tony Blair’s success at the dispatch box has been revealed to be a pair of lucky brogues that he has worn at every Prime Minister’s Questions since 1997.Mr Blair, who believes that “cheap shoes are a false economy”, has seen off four Conservative and two Liberal Democrat leaders in the Church’s handmade leather shoes. “I know it’s ridiculous, but I’ve worn them for every PMQs,” he told The Times in an interview to be published in full tomorrow. “I’ve actually had them for 18 years,” and they have been resoled once. Mr Blair believes that he has never had three bad Prime Minister’s Questions in a row and puts this down – in part – to his lucky shoes.