Leaner, quicker and undistorted

I've had to take out the accordion on the sidebar and I've removed pretty well everything else as well for the moment until I can be sure which piece of code is causing rendering problems. The problem only shows up in IE, naturally. Firefox, Safari, Omniweb, Opera and Camino are all fine. It's just Gates's poxy browser that chokes on the page.

It's a blessing in disguise though. Clearing out some of this crap will speed page loading. And the page looks better too. I hate those cluttered pages full of buttons, clashing icons, and adverts. All that careful work selecting the right colours and font sizes goes out of the window when some ugly banner gets planted amongst it all.

So, most of this stuff will end up on separate pages of their own linked to from the sidebar. Tidier and less likely to distort page layout when  in the main section, even if the code is a bit 'dodgy'.