You could always deport them to, erm, Northern Ireland?

I've just spotted this link at An Englishman's Castle

Muslim women abuse soldier at troops hospital
A British Army officer has been abused by Asian women while on a hospital visit to troops injured in Iraq and Afghanistan. Company Sergeant Major Neil Powell was surrounded and heckled by three young women in the unprovoked verbal attack at Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham. The women, in traditional Asian dress, ranted about the presence of British troops in Muslim countries. The incident took place in a public area of the hospital used by both civilians and military personnel.
I love this piece. Three women -in traditional Muslim dress, mind- shouted at an NCO in a public area of a hospital. He was 'surrounded' and the women 'ranted'. I bet he can't wait to get back to the safety of Iraq and drive around in one of those traditional British inadequately armoured vehicles. The outburst was 'unprovoked' - unless you consider illegal invasion and the killing of tens of thousands of innocent Muslims (not to mention actual murders, torture and rape) - to be provocation that is. It doesn't say whether the CSM was wearing traditional British army dress or traditional British civilian dress, more research needed there, I think.
Conservative MP Patrick Mercer said: "We have reason to be extremely cautious about the security of wounded British soldiers and those who care for them. "Earlier this year, we were told there was a detailed plan to capture a soldier in Birmingham and torture him.
Thankfully, Muslims have not yet managed to capture, torture and murder British soldiers in the UK. That's a feat which has, so far, only been achieved by white British Christians (wearing traditional European funeral dress, I believe).