Rejected (and dejected?)

Up here in Scotland it looks like it's the night of the spoilt ballot paper as much as anything, or to be more correct, the 'rejected' ballot paper. These papers haven't been spoilt deliberately by disgruntled non-voters but appear to to result from confusion over the two distinct marking systems being used.

As for the SNP, although it's still early (3am), it looks like their gathering a large number of votes but are not being as successful in turning them into gains. We now have the situation where Alex Salmond is an MP in both Scotland  and Westminster. My understanding is that he will give up his Westminster seat but some of the pundits didn't seem so clear about it. 

UPDATE: 8-30am.  Labour did badly, but not as disastrously as many thought they would (unless they lose Scotland - still no clear result yet). Tories did rather well, but nothing to jump up and down about. LibDems. Mmmm, bye bye Menzies? In Scotland both the postal vote and the flawed ballot design left thousands disenfranchised. A disgraceful set of affairs but don't expect anyone to put their hands up.