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Seraphic Secret: Hamas: Kill all Jews

Jackie (they're MY photos, I'll get the law onto you) Danicki links to Robert Avrech at Seraphic Secret.
What a surprise…not. The party of the elected Palestinian government has made an official call for the murder of Jews wherever Muslims may find them.
Avrech has his own solutions to the problem of 'palis' (as one commenter refers to them ) or the 'so-called Palestinian people' as Mr Avrech refers to them himself. Because it is the 'palis' that need dealing with, not just Hamas:  'Hamas is the elected government of the so-called Palestinian people. Thus, Hamas speaks for the civilian population.' A significant point of view as we shall see in a moment.  So, on to the Avrech solution:
The IDF must turn off the electrical grid in Gaza. Every single Hamas government official is and has always been an enemy combatant and should be hunted down and killed. If rockets continue to rain (sic) on Israel from Gaza, then Israel should proceed with carpet bombing every inch of Gaza.

Here's what General Curtis LeMay said during World War II: I'll tell you what war is about. You have got to kill people, and when you have killed enough of them they stop fighting. And this how General Phil Sheridan defined the object of war: To deal as hard blows to the enemies' soldiers as possible, and then cause so much suffering to the inhabitants of the country that they will long for peace and press their government to make it... Nothing should be left to the people but eyes to lament the war.

I happen to respect Arabs and Muslims. (sic)(choke) I take them very seriously. When they openly and proudly call for genocide, well, call me crazy, but I believe them. They have a long and proud history of Jew killing.
A commenter kindly pointed out that Mr Avrech had forgotten the other utilities, gas and water: Not to mention the water and gas pipelines. I have never understood why providing utilities to terrorists has been understood to be Israel's responsibility. If the palis want electricity, gas, and water, they should contract with companies in Egypt and Jordan. And he responds: Michael: Gaza water and gas: off. Right. My bad. (sic) Thanks so much.

Both Danicki and Avrech accuse Hamas of calling for genocide, 'the murder of Jews wherever Muslims may find them'. Hamas actually calls for the murder of Israeli Jews: “The time has come,” the group said, “to kill the occupier.” Now that doesn't look so different from Avrech's call to carpet bomb the entire population of Gaza. It couldn't be called genocide though because Avrech, along with a great many other Jews, cannot even bring himself to refer to Palestinians as a people. And anyway the population elected Hamas so they are fair game. A similar logic used by terrorists killing US and UK citizens, no?

I wonder if Hamas leaders are familiar with the words of General Phil Sheridan? If so, we may end up with a lot of lamenting Jewish and Palestinian eyeballs.