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John Redwood’s Diary The £48 million divorce
The London lawyers have done it again - a blockbuster divorce settlement after just three and a half years of marriage. I wonder how big the legal fees were on all that? (emphasis mine)
Three and a half years of marriage?
Google, Mr Redwood, always remember to Google.
Mr Charman met his wife, Beverley, at school. During their 29 years of marriage he built up assets of more than £130m in the insurance market and became the eighth richest businessman in the City of London. During that time Mrs Charman, also 53, gave up her job to raise their two children, who have now left home. The couple separated in 2003 and Mr Charman went to live in Bermuda.
Seems like they split up three and a half years ago, old boy.

UPDATE: My comment on Redwood's blog failed to get published so I sent a second one explaining in simple terms how to update his post with a correction. This morning I get an email from him in which  he claims that he was actually referring to two cases and had accidentally missed out 'a few words'. He's corrected the post now and is 'sorry if it annoyed' me but he was 'away from the computer when the mistake was made'!. Only a bloody politician could send a response like that. Sheesh.